New Sister Wives Preview Reveals Christine Brown’s Fiery Reaction Towards Ex-Husband Kody

A recently released preview for Sister Wives showcases an intense moment involving Christine Brown and her ex-husband, Kody. While some viewers may wonder if the show is heavily scripted, Season 18 proves to be already brimming with toxicity. The scene captures Christine expressing her anger during a conversation with her daughter, Savanah, and her mother, Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And Janelle Chatted After Christmas

Kody and His Former Third Wife Discuss Holiday Plans Ahead of the Festive Season

As the holiday season approached, Kody and his former third wife engaged in a conversation about their plans. During this discussion, Kody emphasized the importance of COVID-19 testing for any visiting children, specifically referring to Robyn’s daughter, Aurora, who had not contracted the virus. Despite this precautionary measure, TLC viewers later witnessed some of the kids visiting and enjoying themselves. In fact, the festivities were so enjoyable that Kody organized a second Christmas celebration after an overnight stay, allowing Truely to spend time with her father and have a delightful experience. Mykelti and Avalon also joined in the celebration.

In contrast to Janelle’s children, Christine Brown’s children do not appear to be as estranged from Kody. However, TLC fans were furious when they witnessed Kody completely ignoring his sons and Savanah on Christmas day. He didn’t send his daughter a text, make a phone call, or even get her a small gift. While it’s understandable that the boys, Gabe and Garrison, had a falling out with their father, it remains unclear if Savanah did anything to warrant such treatment. In a new preview for the TLC show, Janelle reveals the details of what occurred to David Woolley’s fiance.

Christine Brown Spits With Rage In Sister Wives Preview

ET Online Releases Preview: Janelle Contemplates Utah Return as Christine Reacts with Anger

ET Online has shared a preview for the upcoming episode, revealing Janelle’s indecision regarding whether to return to Utah or stay in Flagstaff. Unsure about remaining in the city she adores, Janelle expresses her concern about not having many connections left in Utah. However, Truely’s mother reassures her that there are still a few old acquaintances in Salt Lake City. Given the complexity of their instant separation and spiritual divorce, Janelle remains uncertain about what the future holds with Kody.

In January, Christine Brown overhears a conversation between Savanah and Janelle, discussing the events that took place during Christmas. It has been a long time since Kody has spoken to anyone from Janelle’s side of the family. Savanah reveals that she feels ghosted by her father, who last spoke to her on her birthday in early December. In a confessional, Kody accuses his two former wives of kicking him “out of the home” and mentions that he will celebrate Christmas with Savanah if that’s what she wants. However, he also emphasizes that the phone works both ways and the kids can always reach out to him. In the midst of all this, Christine becomes visibly enraged.

Right Off The Rails Rant

Christine Brown’s Frustration Grows as Kody Ghosts the Kids, Especially Savanah

Christine Brown’s anger towards Kody intensifies as she expresses her frustration over his neglect of the children, particularly Savanah. She exclaims, “He lives just half an hour away and he comes into town!” The Sister Wives star becomes visibly upset, stating, “I am so mad! I am so furious with the whole situation.” In her confessional, she passionately declares, “I don’t think he understands how simple it would be to resolve this!” She emphasizes that all he needs to do is spend time with his kids, but her anger becomes too overwhelming for her to continue speaking.

What are your thoughts on the anger and the estrangement? Do you agree that Kody Brown could easily resolve the situation? Do you suspect that he might be using the kids as a means to retaliate against his two former wives? Share your opinions in the comments below, and stay tuned for more updates on Sister Wives.

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