Sister Wives personality Kody Brown took extraordinary measures to ensure that his fourth and current wife, Robyn Brown, received everything she needed in a surprising manner. At the time of their marriage, Kody already had three other wives. However, today, he remains solely committed to Robyn, along with their five children. Curious about the steps he took to safeguard his perceived “favorite” wife? Continue reading for further insights.

Shocking Way Kody Brown Made Sure Robyn Got It All

Kody Brown’s relationships with his other three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, have become strained and distant. The first to leave was Christine Brown, who married Kody in 1994. She witnessed the lack of intimacy, his constant absence, and his clear favoritism towards another wife. This arrangement was unacceptable to her. Next, tensions arose between Kody and Janelle Brown, his second wife since 1993. Janelle never hesitated to stand up to him when he was in the wrong. Finally, his former first wife, Meri Brown, had to confront the reality that their connection had long dissipated.

In contrast, Kody always viewed Robyn as his most loyal wife. This loyalty was particularly evident during the pandemic when she and their children followed his every rule. However, it appears that Kody had a plan from the beginning to protect Robyn and her children. According to a Facebook follower, Kody and Meri allegedly made an agreement to pay off Robyn and her ex’s debts. This enabled Kody to legally marry Robyn and subsequently adopt her three children: Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Additionally, Kody ensured that his children with Robyn, including the adopted ones, would have health insurance and inherit whatever assets he left behind. Technically, everything the family possesses belongs to Kody and Robyn. What troubles many is the stark contrast in medical coverage, as Robyn’s children enjoy this privilege while his other children do not. This disparity was clearly evident in Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery in 2020, for which her mother, Christine Brown, had to secure insurance.

Immense Debt

Christine Brown faced significant financial challenges related to her youngest daughter, Truely, who suffered from severe kidney problems during her early childhood. This debt burden haunted Christine for many years. It appears that Kody Brown has not taken on the same level of responsibility for his other children, as Janelle and Christine have essentially acted as single mothers for decades. In contrast, Robyn’s transition from her ex-husband to Kody ensured that she and her children received care and support. Robyn has always had assistance with childcare, unlike the other wives who primarily relied on each other for parenting duties.

One may wonder if these circumstances were prearranged to ensure the most favorable outcome for Robyn. Furthermore, could this have been a strategy to prevent her from ever leaving? Share your thoughts and tune in to Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday.

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