Chad Dean, a former participant on the show ‘My 600-lb Life,’ made his debut in Season 4 weighing over 700 pounds. His weight gain was a result of an injury that restricted him from engaging in physical activities. As a chef, he also experienced back pain due to the unhealthy foods consumed during work hours. After enduring years of struggles due to his size, he decided to seek assistance from Dr. Now. This decision proved to be life-changing for Chad, and he even went on to publish a memoir. Read on to witness his remarkable transformation.

My 600-lb Life: Chad Dean’s Stunning Weight Loss

Chad faced significant challenges in his life due to his weight, hindering his ability to work as he desired. Determined to transform his life, he sought the help of Dr. Now. At the beginning of his journey, he managed to shed 50 pounds, making him eligible for bariatric surgery. Following his major operation, the former star of ‘My 600-lb Life’ displayed unwavering commitment to his weight loss journey. He worked alongside a trainer and successfully dropped over 400 pounds. In June 2019, Chad shared heartwarming photos of himself with his family, proudly showcasing his slim physique during a pool day. Additionally, he shared stunning pictures with his wife during the same month.

Chad Released A Memoir

Chad’s weight loss journey also served as a source of inspiration for others. Collaborating with Celeste Parter, he co-authored a memoir titled “I’m In Here Somewhere: Memoir of a Food Addict.” The book delves into his personal struggle with food addiction and chronicles his triumphant journey towards overcoming this life-threatening habit.

While Chad has not been actively engaging on social media for several years, some posts from 2019 highlight his family’s active outdoor lifestyle, particularly with his significant other. They continue to reside in Texas, having relocated from Maryland to be closer to Dr. Now. According to his Facebook profile, the former reality TV personality has resumed his career as a truck driver.

My 600-lb Life: Chad Dean Thriving In Life

In addition to his weight loss journey, Chad developed a passion for motorcycles. His Facebook profile is filled with pictures of him enjoying rides on his large bike. He became deeply involved in customizing and modifying his motorcycle, even going as far as personalizing his own helmet. Remarkably, Chad has maintained a healthy weight long after his appearance on ‘My 600-lb Life.’

Chad Dean stands as one of Dr. Now’s most successful patients, as evidenced by his remarkable progress in his return episode. In fact, he expressed feeling better than ever just one year after his surgery. Many people admire and take pride in what he has accomplished for the sake of his family.

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