Razvan Ciocoi’s social media posts suggest whether he visited the United States to meet his 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days co-star, Amanda Wilhelm.

Amanda Wilhelm from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days invited Razvan Ciocoi to meet her kids in the United States, and there are signs that point to the outcome. Despite their matching interests, the new pair didn’t have the smoothest journey on the spin-off. Amanda fell in love with Razvan online and decided to pursue a relationship with him a few months after her husband’s passing. As if that wasn’t controversial enough, she showcased various red flags, including jealousy and lack of respect. The single mom continually compared Razvan to her late husband and crushed his heart with mean words.

In one of the episodes, Amanda and Razvan had the worst fight of their lives. It made Razvan question if he could make it work with the American woman because of her attitude. He said he had never argued with anyone like this, which was hurtful to him. After the fight, Razvan was sad that everything was over between him and Amanda. He said he still loved her and didn’t want to quit the relationship. Unfortunately, Amanda wasn’t in the same boat and felt Razvan wouldn’t be fit to be her children’s stepdad.

Amanda Asks Razvan To Come To The U.S. To Meet Her Kids

Shockingly, things changed in the latest episode after the pair reconciled before Amanda left for the United States. She apologized to Razvan for her behavior and claimed he was her “knight in shining armor.” Razvan was also impressed by Amanda’s suddenly changed behavior. He stated that Amanda’s positive demeanor is why he fell in love with her initially. During the pair’s sweet reconciliation scene, Amanda told Razvan that she’d love him to meet her kids during Thanksgiving once he arrives in America. Razvan also felt “excited” about it and thought it was a nice idea.

Razvan & Amanda Aren’t Together

Sadly, Amanda and Razvan’s plan didn’t seem to work out after their recent reconciliation. The latest details and social media hints suggest that the pair couldn’t fix things and decided to part ways before they could meet. A few weeks ago, Amanda sparked relationship rumors with a popular TikToker, who put her name in their bio with a heart face emoji. She also posted a cryptic Instagram story with a mystery man. Similarly, Razvan’s social media hints that he’s no longer with Amanda. He seems to be single on his social profiles and isn’t friends with Amanda on Facebook.

Razvan’s Social Media Doesn’t Have Any Posts From The U.S.

Razvan’s social media posts are the biggest proof that he probably never met Amanda’s family and kids in the United States. The Romanian model has never posted a picture of himself from America. Instead, he seems more focused on the new fitness program that allows him to get more clients from Bucharest, Romania. It will be interesting to see why things didn’t work out between Amanda and Razvan despite their reconciliation. Hopefully, viewers will get all the answers on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 6 Tell All.

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