There seems to be some confusion among fans of “Sister Wives” regarding the name of Robyn and Kody Brown’s child. The child in question is Dayton Brown, who was originally born as David Preston Jessop, named after Robyn’s ex-husband. When Robyn joined the family, Kody legally divorced his first wife on paper, allowing him to marry Robyn and adopt her children from her previous marriage.

When Kody legally adopted Robyn’s son, his name was changed to David Dayton Brown. This change was made because everyone called him Dayton, not David. However, some fans recently heard people referring to him as David again, leading to confusion. One fan on Reddit recalled that during the adoption episode, his name was changed to Dayton, and they wondered if he had changed it back.

To clarify, Dayton is his middle name, and the family typically addresses him by that name. Legally, his name has been David Dayton Preston since he was adopted by Kody. His name has not changed since the adoption.

Fans have noticed that Dayton sometimes referred to himself as David in older episodes, while other family members called him Dayton. As he has grown into a young adult, there have been more references to him as David. It’s unclear whether this is a personal preference or how he identifies himself.

While some fans speculate that changing his name may have been something Dayton wanted, it’s important to approach this information with skepticism, as fans have become wary of believing everything that Kody Brown and his wives/ex-wives tell them.

In summary, legally, Robyn and Kody Brown’s child has not changed their name. His legal name is David Dayton Brown, but he may prefer to be called David.

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