Myrka Cantu, known for her appearance on TLC’s “Unexpected,” has been involved in controversies both on and off the show. Although she is no longer part of the series since her breakup with Ethan Ybarra, she remains in the spotlight due to her controversial statements on social media.

Recently, Myrka created a buzz once again with a controversial statement during one of her Ask Anything sessions. She mentioned that she is looking forward to expanding her family, despite already being a teenage mother of two.

A few years ago, Myrka’s journey on “Unexpected” was filled with drama when her mother initially kicked her out of the house due to her pregnancy. However, they later reconciled. She is currently in a relationship with someone older, and they have a child together, making Myrka a mother of two at the age of 19. Despite this, she expressed her desire to have more children in the future, acknowledging that she anticipated judgment for her statement.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss Myrka’s statement, with some questioning why she would post such a question when she already knew people would react strongly. Others believed that as long as she takes good care of her children, it shouldn’t be an issue for her to have more.

Adding to the speculation surrounding Myrka, she often shares cryptic posts on social media, leaving her audience confused. Recently, fans assumed that she posted a picture of her belly, leading to speculation about a possible pregnancy. Many flooded her social media with questions about a potential third baby. However, Myrka clarified that the picture actually showed the curve of her leg, not her belly, putting the rumors to rest.

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