Deon Derrico, star of TLC’s Doubling Down With the Derricos, recently provided fans with an update on his mother, GG. Known for her involvement in Deon and Karen’s lives and her assistance with their 14 children, GG has become a beloved figure among viewers. Fans have been concerned about her health and regularly ask Deon for updates.

Thankfully, GG seems to be doing well these days. She is enjoying quality family time and creating wonderful memories. Deon shared a family photo from their visit to Disney, showcasing their happiness together.

In a recent update on his Instagram Stories, Deon reposted a fan’s selfie with GG. The fan had the opportunity to meet GG in person and expressed their love for the show. Deon was thrilled to see that GG had the chance to interact with fans during her trip to Detroit. He mentioned that GG is currently visiting family and even attended a Beyoncé concert during her time there. Deon expressed his gratitude to the fans for watching Doubling Down With the Derricos and loving his mother.

In the photo, GG is seen wearing a stylish outfit, including a denim jacket and hoop earrings, and she has a big smile on her face. Despite her past health issues, GG appears to be doing very well. It is hoped that she continues to enjoy her family time and the experiences she is having, such as attending the Beyoncé concert. Fans may anticipate Deon sharing more photos and videos of GG as she continues to live her life and enjoy meaningful moments.

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