In a recent eventful week for Jen Arnold from ‘The Little Couple,’ she found herself caught in the midst of Hurricane Lee, leading to a temporary delay in her travel plans. Jen had initially traveled from Boston to Houston for a special event but got stuck in Houston due to the hurricane.

Taking to Instagram, Jen shared a series of beautiful pictures from her extended stay in Houston and expressed her positive outlook on the situation. She mentioned how the unexpected delay allowed her to spend more time with good friends at Minute Maid Park. She also reminisced about her previous visit to the Astros stadium, where she and Bill Klein threw the first pitch a decade ago. Despite the change in plans, Jen was delighted to be back at the stadium.

As fans flooded the comments section with happiness for Jen’s enjoyable time with friends, some expressed concern for her safety during the hurricane, urging her to stay safe. However, Jen later reassured her followers by posting on her Instagram Stories that she had safely returned home to Boston. She shared a photo from the airport runway, signaling her successful journey back.

Jen Arnold’s ability to maintain a positive perspective and make the most of an unexpected situation is commendable. Fans can now rest assured, knowing that she is back home safe and sound.

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