The relationship between Violet and Riley, both featured on 90 Day Fiance, has been marked by constant turmoil from the outset. They frequently resorted to insults and ridicule as a means of communicating their emotions. Things took a turn for the worse when Riley decided to move to Vietnam in an attempt to salvage their relationship. In the previous episode, viewers witnessed their emotional farewells, which strongly suggested that their relationship was coming to an end. However, the latest episode delivered an unexpected twist. Riley confided in a friend, revealing that Violet has claimed to be carrying his child. Here’s the inside scoop!

90 Day Fiance: Riley Doubts Violet’s Pregnancy Claim!

Riley’s trust in Violet had always been somewhat shaky. Even when he made the immense journey of 8,000 miles to be with her in Vietnam, he took the unusual step of hiring an investigator to delve into her past. At times, Violet appeared disinterested in their relationship, which only added to Riley’s suspicions. After a rather awkward farewell in the previous episode, Riley returned home, seemingly resigned to the idea that their relationship was over.

However, the latest episode left him perplexed. He revealed that he had received a series of unpleasant messages from Violet, in which she declared that their relationship was finished. Given their tumultuous history, Riley initially appeared unfazed by this declaration. But he was caught off guard when Violet promptly apologized and expressed a desire to mend things. This turn of events led the military veteran to question Violet’s true intentions during a confessional.

Furthermore, Riley openly admitted that he still harbors feelings for Violet but has serious reservations about whether their relationship can be repaired. A few weeks later, he revealed to the producers that Violet had sent him a text claiming to be pregnant with his child. During a conversation with his friend Tiffanie, he disclosed that on their final night in Vietnam, he had engaged in unprotected intercourse with Violet.

Riley went on to explain that the medications he takes leave less than a one percent chance of impregnating someone. The 90 Day Fiance star expressed his doubts, primarily because Violet had deceived him in the past. Riley even questioned the possibility due to the potential side effects of his medication.

He found himself wondering whether Violet was telling the truth and if he is indeed the father. Moreover, Riley emphatically stated that all he wanted was a DNA test to establish his paternity, especially given the turbulent nature of their relationship. He reassured that he would leave no stone unturned if the child was indeed his.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Agree With Riley For Once!

Even 90 Day Fiance fans appeared skeptical of Violet’s pregnancy claim. Many of them quickly turned to Reddit to share their doubts about whether Riley is the father. The original poster (OP) started the discussion by questioning if fellow Redditors believed Violet’s pregnancy announcement, expressing their confusion over the situation.

Some fans noted that earlier episodes had shown Violet insisting that she and Riley couldn’t share a room before getting married. This led to speculation that they might have secretly spent time together.

It’s clear that the uncertainty surrounding Violet’s pregnancy has sparked a lot of discussion and speculation among 90 Day Fiance viewers.

People also raised questions about whether any intimate scenes between Violet and Riley might have been edited out of the show. Some wondered if she might be fabricating the pregnancy for financial gain. There were even suggestions that she might have acquired a pet instead of being pregnant.

It’s important to note that all of these are mere speculations, and the truth can only be confirmed as the story unfolds. What are your thoughts on Violet’s pregnancy? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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