Little People Big World star Jackson Roloff has embarked on an exciting new venture as a baseball coach, and his proud mom, Tori Roloff, couldn’t wait to share the news on social media. Tori captured a heartwarming moment between Jackson, aged six, and his three-year-old sister, Lilah, as he taught her how to hit a baseball off a tee.

Following in the athletic footsteps of his father, Zach, Jackson has demonstrated a passion for sports, particularly soccer, which his father has played and coached for years. Jackson himself has enjoyed playing soccer and has shown a love for the game.

Although Josiah Roloff is only a year old, he is already displaying signs that he may follow in the athletic footsteps of his father and older brother. However, for now, the spotlight is on Jackson as he embraces his new role as a baseball coach.

Tori shared a video of Jackson and Lilah on her Instagram Stories, where Jackson patiently demonstrated the proper form and swing before stepping back to give his little sister an opportunity to shine. Proudly watching as Lilah hit the ball in his direction, Tori expressed her hope that these cherished moments would be remembered by her children.

The video was filmed in the Roloff family’s backyard, as Zach and Tori recently relocated from Oregon to Washington, where they have ample land for their family of five to enjoy. With Jackson’s guidance, it’s possible that Lilah may explore softball in the future, inspired by her impromptu lesson from her older brother. Alternatively, she may choose to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue soccer. Additionally, Lilah has shown an interest in ballet, having successfully performed in her first recital earlier this year.

While the future of Zach, Tori, Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah on the show Little People Big World remains uncertain, Tori will continue sharing their happiest moments on social media. There have been indications, according to statements made by Connor, son of Caryn Chandler, that the family may be parting ways with TLC. Regardless, the Roloff children have a bright future ahead, filled with exciting opportunities, and Tori will continue to document their joyous moments for their fans to enjoy.

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