Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath expresses feeling betrayed by his sister, Moriah, and believes that he and his wife, Olivia, were deceived. In the latest episode of their TLC show, Ethan opens up about the intense strain in his relationships with his loved ones. However, it appears that his conflict with Moriah is impacting him the most. Let’s dive into the details of what Ethan revealed to fans.

The Welcome to Plathville stars find themselves embroiled in a complex situation. Despite being only a few episodes into the season, the drama has already reached a fever pitch. The focus revolves around Olivia’s allegations that Kim Plath had misused Ethan’s credit card without repaying him. While Olivia and Ethan stand united, Moriah has chosen to align herself with her parents once again. Micah Plath has also taken Moriah’s side, along with Kim and Barry, asserting that it was a business agreement. Barry even accused Olivia of “brainwashing” Ethan.

Now, Ethan is sharing more about his emotional state amidst the conflict and turmoil.

Ethan Plath believes that he and Olivia have been “stabbed in the back.”

In an Instagram preview released by TLC ahead of the September 19 episode, Ethan is seen driving around while opening up in a confessional. He reveals that his family has “isolated my wife” but still wants to maintain a relationship with him, making the situation complicated. Among all the family conflicts, his falling out with Moriah has affected him the most.

He further explains, “I felt like we were so close. I had made significant efforts to help her, and Olivia had gone out of her way to support her. It felt like we were betrayed with a switchblade.”

To exacerbate matters, Moriah has blocked her brother’s number, preventing any communication or progress.

Ethan admits, “It really, really bothers me.”

He reveals that the drama with Moriah consumed his thoughts while he was working and felt it was “eating my soul.” It’s evident that this conflict is taking a heavy toll on him emotionally.

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