During this week’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine Brown expressed her true feelings about Robyn Brown, confirming what many viewers had suspected for years. Christine made a shocking confession onscreen, revealing her disdain for Robyn.

Robyn had expressed her desire for a better relationship with Christine and mentioned her efforts to be kind to her. However, Christine disagreed with Robyn’s perspective and accused her of being disingenuous and always acting jealous. Christine stated that even if Robyn had approached her for friendship, she would have rejected it because she couldn’t trust her.

Fans witnessed a different side of Christine, as she no longer feels the need to keep the peace or please Kody. Viewers found the episode frustrating, particularly the scenes where Robyn and Meri discussed Christine, insinuating that Christine was the one hoarding Kody’s attention.

After the episode aired, Christine posted a photo of herself with David on social media, highlighting how wonderful her life is now. Fans took to the comments section to express their thoughts on the episode, with one viewer praising Christine for finding her true happiness and criticizing Robyn’s lack of empathy or understanding.

Overall, Christine’s confession about her feelings towards Robyn stirred strong reactions among fans, who were supportive of Christine’s newfound honesty and happiness.

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