As TLC currently airs both Sister Wives and Welcome to Plathville, fans have been discussing whether Robyn Brown and Kim Plath are the most despised cast members on the network. Social media has provided a platform for viewers to express their opinions about these two women.

Robyn Brown, a star of Sister Wives, seems to attract a significant amount of hate from TLC fans. One of the main reasons for this is what many viewers perceive as her “fake” crying. Regardless of its authenticity, her frequent displays of tears have become a major annoyance for audiences. Additionally, fans believe that Robyn manipulates her husband, Kody, and has a hand in controlling various situations. Some even suspect that she secretly celebrated when Christine left and was overjoyed when Janelle followed suit.

Kim Plath from Welcome to Plathville is also disliked by TLC fans. Right from the start of the show, she appeared domineering and controlling, particularly in regards to her children’s activities. However, this behavior seems hypocritical considering her own wild experiences during college. Furthermore, her recent DUI charge and sudden decision to divorce Barry have disgusted many viewers. On the show, Kim is already attempting to date, while Barry is left to pick up the pieces and bond with their children. In real-time, Kim has already moved on to a new relationship.

A Reddit user, u/gravityvfr, expressed the sentiment that Kim Plath and Robyn Brown are currently the most hated women on TV. However, not everyone agreed, and another user mentioned Angela Deem from 90 Day Fiancé as a contender. The expanding TLC franchise has introduced numerous cast members who evoke strong reactions from viewers.

Other names from the TLC network were thrown into the comparison, including the cast of 1,000-Lb Sisters. While they were deemed “pretty bad,” they were not considered on the same level as the Plath and Brown women. It’s worth noting that their season is not currently airing, but Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life continues to receive significant hate as Season 11 unfolds.

In the end, it seems that TLC fans generally agree that Robyn Brown and Kim Plath are the most despised cast members on the network at the moment. As one person aptly put it, “The Browns and Plaths are a different kind of crazy.”

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