Bettie Jo Elmore, known for her appearance on Season 3 of My 600lb Life, has delighted fans with a significant announcement about her life. Taking to social media, she revealed that her family is expanding, sharing precious sonogram photos of her unborn child. This will be her third baby, adding to her growing family with husband Josh Elmore.

During her time on the show, Bettie Jo embarked on a weight loss journey under the guidance of Dr. Now. Starting at 654 pounds, she made significant progress, losing 200 pounds through diet changes, increased activity, and gastric bypass surgery. Alongside her health achievements, she also managed to resolve relationship issues with her boyfriend at the time, Josh, and the couple has now been happily married for 10 years.

Bettie Jo’s Instagram announcement did not include specific details about the due date or her current condition, but fans eagerly await further updates. When asked about her other children in the comments section, she shared that she has a seven-year-old son named Preston, who was featured on an episode of My 600lb Life, as well as a one-year-old named Ollie.

The comments on Bettie Jo’s post were filled with love and congratulations from her supportive fanbase. Many expressed their joy for her growing family, while others eagerly awaited news about the baby’s gender. Bettie Jo indicated that she has not yet learned the sex of the baby but may reveal it in the future.

Fans of My 600lb Life extend their congratulations to Bettie Jo Elmore and her family, hoping for a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey. As the big day approaches, followers eagerly anticipate further updates and details.

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