Janelle Brown, known for her love for the Coyote Pass property, has been a topic of discussion among Sister Wives fans regarding the status of her ownership. With recent financial challenges and emotional moments showcased on TLC, some fans have speculated whether Janelle might have been forced to sell her portion of the land. Additionally, there have been questions about her potential relocation to Utah. Let’s delve into the details to find out more.

While Christine Brown sold her nice home in Flagstaff and relocated to Utah, and Meri continued to reside in a sizable and comfortable house, Robyn and Kody enjoy their lavish mansion. In contrast, Janelle has moved from rental to living in her RV, and then back to a small rental. This has left many fans wondering why none of the wives’ homes were ever built on Coyote Pass, despite Janelle’s persistent calls for action on the land. It appears that her requests have been largely overlooked.

In July of this year, fans noticed a property listed for sale on Coyote Pass, leading to speculation that Janelle might have sold her share, especially considering her reported separation from Kody. However, it was later revealed that the listed property belonged to someone else. More recently, Janelle expressed concerns about the property tying up their finances, leaving fans to assume that she hadn’t sold it. It’s important to note that the show was filmed retrospectively, so changes may have occurred since then.

For those who may have worried that Janelle hastily sold her Coyote Pass property amid tensions with Kody, it seems their concerns can be put to rest. Property records, as verified by The Sun, indicate that she still owns the $170,000 Coyote Pass property jointly with her ex-husband Kody, despite currently residing in a small apartment in Flagstaff, Arizona. The report suggests that Janelle and Kody managed to pay off their land earlier this year, including the piece of ground in Robyn and Kody’s name owed to “Fidelity National Title Agency.” However, as Kody’s name remains on the title deeds, Janelle would likely have to sell it to him at an undervalued price, or convince him to agree to sell, which may be challenging due to their toxic relationship dynamics.

Besides a small hardstand where Janelle parked her RV, it appears that no significant construction has taken place on the Coyote Pass property. The U.S. Sun has confirmed that the family has not initiated any plans for building on the land, as no new permits have been filed.

While Janelle’s financial situation and the future of Coyote Pass remain uncertain, fans continue to follow the developments closely, eagerly awaiting any updates or progress on the property.

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