In an exclusive sneak preview of TLC’s Sister Wives, Meri Brown expresses her apprehension about revealing her truth to Kody and Robyn. The preview, featured on ET, unveils Meri’s decision to move her clothing business to her bed and breakfast (B&B), a choice that she believes makes logical sense. By consolidating her businesses, Meri will have more availability for her B&B and won’t have to divide her attention between two ventures.

One of the advantages of relocating her clothing business to the B&B is the opportunity to enlist the help of her friend, Jen, in managing that aspect of her business endeavors. Jen, who also appears in the sneak preview, expresses her willingness to assist Meri with her clothing business.

However, the real challenge for Meri lies in finding the right way to communicate her decision to Robyn and Kody. She fears that Robyn will be hurt by her choice, but she is also concerned that Kody may misinterpret the decision as a sign that Meri wants to end their relationship. Knowing that Kody has expressed a desire for Meri to leave in the past, she worries that he may support her decision for the wrong reasons.

It is important to note that there is a time gap between the events depicted on the show and the present reality. Therefore, Meri’s fears and concerns ultimately prove to be unfounded, as she and Kody are no longer together. In the present day, Robyn remains the only wife of Kody. The nature of Meri’s relationship with Kody and Robyn, whether it has transitioned into a friendship or if she has distanced herself like the other wives, is unclear.

Nevertheless, Sister Wives fans speculate that Meri may still have lingering feelings for Kody and would consider reconciling with him if he expressed a desire to reunite. This sentiment suggests that Meri’s emotional connection to her past relationship with Kody remains a topic of interest among viewers.

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