Fans of Little People, Big World recently noticed the absence of Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez, an employee who had been with Matt Roloff for almost two decades. Curiosity arose regarding his whereabouts, leading fans to inquire about his situation. It was soon revealed that Camerino had faced legal troubles, including cocaine possession and other charges. TLC viewers wanted to know more details and whether Matt still maintained contact with him.

In 2016, the show addressed Camerino’s departure from Roloff Farms, explaining that he had been deported. Court documents uncovered a range of charges on his record, including driving under the influence, reckless driving, and possession of cocaine. The news of Camerino’s deportation devastated the Roloff family, as they had expressed concern for his children.

Matt Roloff made efforts to help his former employee by starting a petition and gathering 35,000 signatures to prevent his deportation. Matt argued that Camerino’s documentation was flawed and expressed a desire to sponsor him. He also claimed that the charges against Camerino for drug possession were false and that the drugs did not belong to him.

However, Matt Roloff later shared that the lawyer handling Camerino’s case mishandled funds and made poor judgments on behalf of her clients, including Camerino. This likely contributed to the unsuccessful attempts to prevent his deportation.

While it is unclear whether Matt Roloff and Camerino Gonzalez Sanchez still maintain contact, the situation sheds light on the challenges faced by the Roloff family and their former employee. The legal issues and deportation highlight the complexities of immigration and the impact it can have on individuals and their communities.

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