Tori Roloff, who joined the show as Zach Roloff’s girlfriend, quickly became a beloved part of the Little People Big World franchise after their marriage. Throughout the years, the couple has received immense love and support from their fans.

Tori regularly keeps her followers updated on social media about her beautiful family, which consists of three children: Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah. She shares glimpses of their fun-filled adventures and daily routines. Tori has become one of the most cherished stars of the show. However, she has recently faced some criticism on the internet, raising questions about the reasons behind it.

Tori Roloff has gained significant popularity among fans of the entire Roloff family. People enjoy following her everyday adventures and engaging stories on social media. However, one of her recent posts has attracted a fair share of criticism from detractors. In the said post, the Little People Big World star appeared in a video wearing a light blue sweatshirt and a dark blue polo cap.

Tori opened up about her morning routine while dropping her kids off at school. In the video, she was seen sipping iced tea as she mentioned seeing other moms looking like runway models at 8:00 a.m. However, Tori added that she hadn’t even brushed her teeth yet. In the caption, she humorously wrote, “Rolling in looking like a homeless mama. Who else is there with me?” However, some fans took offense to her behavior.

Numerous users voiced their disapproval of Tori’s unhygienic habit. One fan requested the mother-of-three, “It’s not relatable and honestly gross. Please brush your teeth before leaving the house!” Another fan questioned how someone could leave their home without brushing their teeth.

Nevertheless, some of Tori’s followers shared similar experiences and came to her defense. One fan admitted, “I’m still in my pajamas when I drop off my kids.” Meanwhile, another praised Tori’s acting skills in the video.

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