The latest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has left fans on an emotional rollercoaster, particularly when it comes to Glenn Thore, who is navigating life after the loss of his wife. However, it seems that Whitney has taken it upon herself to control her father’s decisions, leaving fans questioning her motives and treating Glenn like a child.

In recent episodes, fans witnessed Glenn obediently following his daughter’s wishes, even when it came to his own bucket list. But now, it appears that Whitney is dictating what he can and cannot do. A sneak peek of an upcoming episode revealed an uncomfortable moment between Whitney and Glenn at a restaurant, where she scrutinizes his bucket list.

Whitney seemed to dismiss some of Glenn’s desires, including car racing, hot air balloon rides, and skydiving. She denied him the opportunity to drive at high speeds and insisted on having the final say on skydiving. Glenn’s disappointment was evident as he tried to reason with her, even mentioning George Bush’s skydiving experience as an example.

To make matters worse, Glenn expressed his frustration when Whitney took it upon herself to clean out his late wife’s closet without consulting him. The disregard for his feelings left him feeling upset and unheard.

The fans are not holding back their anger towards Whitney, who has been accused of seeking attention and exerting control over her father’s life. It remains to be seen how this dynamic will unfold in the future episodes of the show.

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