In Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers were introduced to a significant revelation about Whitney Way Thore’s family. Her father, Glenn, had fathered a daughter named Angie in 1968, who was placed for adoption by her young and unwed mother, Jackie. With the passing of Whitney’s mother, Babs, Glenn felt compelled to fulfill his long-held desire to meet his long-lost daughter. Through Ancestry, he was able to establish contact with Angie and the family quickly connected via FaceTime. This newfound relationship brought joy to Whitney and her brother, Hunter, as they welcomed Angie into their extended family.

However, some speculation arose regarding Angie’s inclusion in potential inheritances and whether Whitney had any involvement in excluding her. A Reddit thread was initiated, suggesting that Whitney may be jealous of her brother potentially receiving a larger share of the inheritance. The thread questioned the show’s portrayal of the new family members and implied that Whitney and her family may be motivated by financial gain.

It is important to note that these speculations lack concrete evidence and are based on assumptions and personal interpretations. There is no official information or statements to support the claims that Whitney excluded Angie from any inheritance. The details surrounding inheritance discussions or agreements have not been publicly disclosed.

Furthermore, Reddit threads and online discussions often contain rumors and conjecture that may lack credibility. Without direct confirmation or official statements from the individuals involved, it is challenging to determine the accuracy of such claims.

Ultimately, decisions regarding inheritance and estate matters are personal and private. It is up to the individuals, in this case, Glenn, to make decisions about how they handle their assets and eventual inheritances. Until further information is provided, it is important to approach these speculations with caution and refrain from drawing conclusions without substantiated evidence.

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