According to reports, tensions within the Brown family on Sister Wives led to Mykelti Padron and some of her siblings opting to have a second Christmas celebration at Robyn’s house. However, viewers noticed that Meri Brown was not present, leading to speculation about what transpired between Mykelti and Meri.

It appears that Mykelti and Meri have a strained history, and Mykelti did not want Meri to be a part of the second Christmas celebration. A Reddit post claimed that Mykelti asked Robyn not to invite Meri because she does not get along with her or like her. This revelation surprised many viewers who considered Mykelti to be the peacemaker of the family.

The dynamics within the Brown family have been a topic of discussion, with viewers observing that there seems to be a constant state of conflict and tension. Some Redditors attributed this to a belief among the family members, except for Kody, that there is a scarcity of love, affection, and attention due to past emotional abuse and neglect.

The situation was further complicated by the fact that Mykelti had been advocating for peace and unity between her mother, Meri, and her father, Kody, while simultaneously excluding Meri from the Christmas celebration.

Meanwhile, Meri Brown has been asserting herself and demanding the respect she deserves. In recent episodes of Sister Wives, viewers have seen her prioritizing her friendships and running her bed and breakfast in Utah. Fans have also noted that Meri appears happier in her social media posts than she did while married to Kody.

At present, it seems unlikely that Mykelti and Meri will reconcile their strained relationship anytime soon. However, both individuals appear to be moving forward with their lives and finding contentment.

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