During Season 17, Episode 2 of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown addresses the role of her nanny and explains that her husband Kody has many responsibilities that keep him busy and away from the house. Robyn relies on the nanny for support because she doesn’t want to burden Kody further when he is already stretched thin. She claims that having a nanny makes things easier for Kody.

However, fans on Reddit have criticized Robyn’s reasoning. They point out that Christine and Janelle, the other wives, have managed to take care of a large number of children on their own without needing a nanny. They question why Robyn, who only has two children, neither of whom are babies, still requires a nanny.

Fans express their frustration, highlighting that Christine managed the children while Janelle was at work and didn’t receive any help. They find it hard to understand why Robyn, with her smaller number of children, needs assistance. Some fans also mention that many working mothers don’t have nannies and that Robyn and Kody have access to the family’s financial resources.

Critics believe that Robyn’s defense of Kody’s busyness overlooks the fact that he appears neglectful and non-existent in their children’s lives. They argue that Robyn should be questioning why she is accepting his behavior rather than using it as a reason for needing a nanny.

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