Parker Busby, one of the quints from TLC’s OutDaughtered, amazed fans with a striking new appearance recently. Her mother, Danielle Busby, took to Instagram Stories to share a sweet photo of Parker, revealing a look that fans hadn’t seen before. It turns out that Parker’s new fashion sense was courtesy of her cousin Kenzie, rather than her mother or older sister Blayke. Keep reading to see the adorable photo Danielle shared of Parker’s transformation.

Traditionally, Parker Busby sports a simple hairstyle with straight, long hair parted down the middle or to one side, framing her face. OutDaughtered fans were taken aback when Danielle posted a photo of Parker sporting a head full of beautiful curls. Parker had a beaming smile, with her hair swept to one side, allowing her long, curly locks to cascade over her face. The wavy and crimped texture of her hair highlighted the various shades of brown and blonde.

In addition to her new hairstyle, Parker was seen wearing hand-me-down clothing provided by her cousin Kenzie. The outfit consisted of blue denim overall shorts paired with a ribbed black tank top. There was also a red, white, and blue fabric element hanging from the bottom of the overalls.

Danielle gushed in the photo’s caption, describing Parker as a “cutie” and expressing their love for receiving old clothing from cousin Kenzie.

The photo showcased Parker standing in the middle aisle of the Busby bus, with her sisters not visible but presumably already seated and buckled up.

Unfortunately, since the photo was shared on Danielle’s Instagram Stories, fans were unable to react and comment directly. Nonetheless, fans still appreciated the adorable photo through various fan groups and platforms.

Fans speculate that Parker may be the first to receive hand-me-downs, as she is currently the tallest among the quints. This suggests that she may fit into the previously worn clothing better than her siblings.

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