In the latest season of Welcome to Plathville, Olivia Plath has faced significant hostility from the entire Plath family. However, she might have reached a point where she is emotionally okay with the situation and ready to let it go. In a recent social media post, she hinted at the possibility of being done with the entire clan, including her husband.

From the beginning of Ethan and Olivia’s marriage, Barry and Kim Plath expressed their disapproval, leading some fans to believe that their relationship wouldn’t last. The speculation intensified when Olivia’s sister, Sophia Meggs, claimed on social media that Olivia and Ethan were getting a divorce. Olivia denied the rumors, especially with a new season approaching, but things became increasingly toxic.

Barry, Ethan’s father, made derogatory remarks about Olivia, and she faced a lot of criticism from Moriah as well. It’s disheartening to see someone turn against the person who helped them on their journey to freedom. However, Moriah has since found solace in her faith and got baptized, which may lead to forgiveness. Olivia’s recent social media post suggests that she might be unfazed by the family’s negativity, raising questions about the status of her relationship with Ethan.

On Instagram, Olivia shared lovely photos of herself enjoying the summer, with a caption that hinted at her state of mind. She described it as the “most peaceful summer” of her life and reflected on the passing of seasons, emphasizing her growing comfort in letting life unfold naturally. Olivia mentioned how she used to panic in the face of change but has now gained wisdom, allowing her to peacefully let go of situations and people. Her statement, “No one said you have to love or be ready for every transition in life,” indicates that significant changes have occurred. It appears that she has accepted and embraced them, potentially including a separation from Ethan and his family.

Although Olivia’s post could be interpreted as a subtle hint at her departure from the Plath family, many of her social media followers, who are primarily fans rather than critics, perceived it as a poetic reflection on the arrival of fall. If news of a divorce does emerge, it will likely come as a shock to those who viewed Olivia’s post with less suspicion. Regardless, her followers praised her writing skills and expressed admiration for her personal growth.

The future of Olivia’s relationship with Ethan and the Plath family remains uncertain, but it is clear that Olivia has undergone a significant emotional transformation and is ready to face whatever comes her way.

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