90 Day Fiancé star Yohan Geronimo is listing down the malicious intentions he had when getting married to Daniele Gates on The Other Way season 5.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Yohan Geronimo is not beating around the bush when it comes to talking about why he married Daniele Gates. Daniele, 43, from New York City, left her adult son Thomas Vaethroeder and her job in the U.S. behind after she met Yohan, 32, during a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Daniele had only known Yohan for five months when they got married in 90 Day: Love In Paradise. Daniele moved to La Romana in season 4 of the reality TV spin-off, much to Yohan’s dismay since he wanted to move to the U.S.

Yohan wants Daniele to have a baby naturally, which is not easy given her age. This has also created a rift between the couple. Daniele has financial difficulties while Yohan has lost both his jobs, and the meat shop was also shut down. Moreover, Daniele shattered Yohan’s dream by not applying for a spousal visa. She insisted Yohan would rather get a tourist visa to accompany her on short trips. Daniele, in reality, doesn’t trust Yohan enough to get him a green card. She has a reason to because Yohan has revealed his malicious intention behind marrying her. He’s clearly not in love and doesn’t care about her.

Yohan Claims Daniele Sold Him A Dream

Things with Daniele and Yohan had been tense lately. They were not able to agree on what they wanted in their future as a couple. Yohan came clean to his cousin Alberto in episode 12. He revealed that Daniele told him she always wanted to live in the DR and promised him they would have a good life. While they live in a good apartment, they must keep paying rent every month. He was expecting Daniele to buy him a house of their own and a car. Yohan is not seeing the world Daniele promised him.

Yohan Married American Woman Daniele To Live Like A King

When Yohan told Daniele about a friend of his who is dating an American woman and has received an apartment and car in return; Daniele called the woman “stupid.” Yohan doesn’t feel it is because the woman is helping her husband. According to Alberto, all that Yohan got in his one-year marriage was a dog. He’s ended up becoming the “puppy’s babysitter” when he should have been living like a king. Yohan said Daniele was aware of his financial situation from the start. He has worked his whole life in the DR and still has nothing to his name.

Yohan Is Calling Life With Daniele A Horror Story

Yohan is fine with Daniele staying in his country, but he doesn’t want a house or car they have to pay rent on as he’s tired of living a life like that. He believes that if Daniele is determined to stay in the Dominican Republic, the person who should be contributing for them to have a “good life” there is her. Yohan says Daniele has made promises she couldn’t keep. Having an American wife meant that she should have given him the life of a king, as per Yohan. “I married an American woman, to stay here and have nothing? That’s like a horror story,” Yohan told Alberto on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

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