Danielle Busby, from TLC’s OutDaughtered, recently shared photos on her Instagram Stories that showed the Busby quints amidst a cluttered living room filled with laundry and hangers. Fans speculated whether Danielle had recruited her daughters to help with the laundry.

While Danielle appreciates the effort of her girls trying to assist with the massive chore, she admits that they aren’t particularly helpful. The situation often turns into a messy playtime rather than productive laundry time. So, it seems unlikely that the quints are doing their own laundry at this stage.

However, Danielle and Adam Busby don’t handle all the laundry themselves. They have outsourced help in the form of laundry ladies who come in periodically to assist with the situation. The couple has even featured their laundry ladies on their YouTube channel, expressing gratitude for the support they provide.

Despite the assistance they receive, Danielle sometimes faces criticism from fans who believe she should handle “typical mother duties” without outsourcing. However, it’s important to remember that Adam and Danielle have six girls to care for, and they must make difficult decisions to balance their responsibilities, including working to support their family.

For Danielle, having help with household chores like laundry is not about being lazy but rather about managing the constant influx of laundry in a household with six growing girls. It allows her to stay on top of the laundry situation and ensure that everyone has clean clothes, even with the daily clothing changes.

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