In the photo, the dog can be seen with an amused expression, which amused fans even more, considering Robyn and Kody’s known aversion to dogs. Past episodes of the show have depicted Kody expressing his dislike for dogs sleeping on furniture or beds, causing tension between him and Janelle, one of his other wives. Janelle once famously stated that she would choose her dogs over Kody if forced to make a decision.

While fans found the dog’s appearance in the photo amusing, many are skeptical about Robyn and Kody actually getting a dog. They believe that the couple’s self-centered nature and busy schedules would make it challenging for them to care for a pet. Additionally, Kody’s known dislike for dogs adds to the doubt.

Some fans speculate that the dog in the photo was simply being held by someone who happened to be nearby when the picture was taken. However, it’s important to note that without further information or confirmation, this remains speculative.

Fans took to social media platforms, particularly YouTube, to share their humorous reactions to the photo. Jokes about the dog running away from Robyn and comments about dogs not being able to tolerate Kody and Robyn’s presence added a lighthearted tone to the discussion.

In conclusion, the photo featuring Robyn and Kody Brown with a dog has generated curiosity among Sister Wives fans. While the presence of a dog in the photo remains unconfirmed and speculative, fans have enjoyed the opportunity to share humorous reactions and speculate about whether the couple has embraced pet ownership.

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