Gino is defending his decision to have Jasmine sign a prenup — which caused Jasmine to, at one point, dramatically call off their engagement — but not making the same demand of his ex-wife. In this exclusive clip from part two of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ tell-all special airing this Sunday on TLC, Gino shares his reasoning and it divides his fellow castmates when it comes to who they think is right.

Gino’s ex-wife, Denise, is also not from America. He explained in a previous episode that they met in Brazil while he was there for work and he ended up bringing her to Michigan on a K-1 visa. In this clip, he shares why he never asked her to sign a prenup.

“She was working and she had her own retirement account with good investments,” he shares. “Now I’m not saying something’s going to happen to us, but there’s a small chance that, you know, something could happen. I have to protect myself.”

He also explains why he was shocked when Jasmine asked him for a will. Jasmine reiterates that she doesn’t trust his family and that if something were to happen to him, she would be left with nothing.

“First of all when I hear she wants to do a will, that scares me,” Gino says. “Like, what, am I going to be murdered? And it’s like, we haven’t even gotten married yet. That scares me.”

But his fellow castmate, Meisha, is on Jasmine’s side, noting that a prenup “immediately puts someone on guard.” But castmates Statler and Dempsey disagree.

“You never know what can happen,” Dempsey points out.

By Mo Mo

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