Reality TV personality David Dangerfield made his debut on “Before the 90 Days” Season 6 in June 2023. He was introduced alongside his Filipino girlfriend, Sheila Mangubat, whom he initially met in an online Facebook group dedicated to deaf singles. Their relationship has endured for more than two years, primarily relying on text-based communication.

Throughout their time together, David has been a significant source of emotional and financial support for Sheila. Given his substantial contributions, fans are naturally curious about his net worth. Read on to discover more!

90 Day Fiance: What Does David Dangerfield Do For Living?

David Dangerfield holds the distinction of being the first deaf cast member in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Despite his disability, he has shown unwavering dedication to providing a comfortable life for himself. In terms of his employment, David maintains two jobs in Omaha, Nebraska.

One of his roles is as a “stocker” at a grocery store, where he is responsible for replenishing the store’s shelves. Additionally, he has worked as a cleaner at a casino. Regarding his second job, David shared, “I enjoy working there because it’s fascinating to observe all the people having a good time until they experience losses.”

In addition to his income from his two jobs and in the 90 Day Fiance series, David Dangerfield’s exact earnings from the show have not been publicly disclosed. However, it is a reasonable estimate that he earns somewhere in the range of $500 to $1000 per episode, which is a commonly reported figure for the show’s cast members.

Taking into account his salary from the reality TV show and his monthly earnings of approximately $3200 from his jobs, it is safe to say that David has a respectable income to plan for a fulfilling life. Based on various sources, it is estimated that David Dangerfield’s net worth falls just below $250,000, which is a substantial amount for a comfortable life in the United States.

90 Day Fiance: David Dangerfield Has Helped His Partner Sheila Mangubat!

Even before meeting Sheila in person for the first time, David willingly provided over $3,000 to assist with her house repairs. This significant financial gesture raised concerns among his friends and family, but David clarified that Sheila had never asked for money during the initial year of their relationship.

He explained that she only requested financial help after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by her house being damaged by both a fire and a typhoon in succession. David and Sheila were elated to finally meet at the airport, but their happiness was quickly overshadowed by a tragic event.

Regrettably, shortly after their first meeting, in an episode airing on July 30, Sheila shared the heartbreaking news that her mother had fallen down a poorly secured staircase and tragically passed away. This tragedy occurred due to inadequate stair safety measures. Following this devastating loss, Sheila expressed her desire to repair her home and once again turned to David for assistance.

In the August 13 episode, David acknowledged that the cost of repairing Sheila’s house would be substantial and that he couldn’t cover the entire expense. Sheila, during a confessional segment, expressed the challenges she faced in the Philippines and emphasized that David was her primary source of financial support.

Whether or not David will ultimately agree to cover the complete cost of fixing her house again remains to be seen. Viewers will have to stay tuned to find out how this situation unfolds.

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