Fans of “Little People, Big World” have been wondering if Zach Roloff, his wife Tori, and their adorable children will be making an appearance at Pumpkin Season 2023. In previous years, Zach and Tori have been actively involved in helping out during the event. However, due to disagreements regarding the Roloff family buying a portion of the property, they moved away and have had limited involvement with Roloff Farms since then.

Zach Roloff, in particular, played a significant role in conducting private tours during Pumpkin Season. Unfortunately, it was announced by Matt Roloff on social media that private tours would no longer be available this year, which meant Zach would not be participating in that capacity.

Amy Roloff, on the other hand, has expressed her intentions to spend time at Roloff Farms during Pumpkin Season, accompanied by her partner Chris. Fans also speculate that there might be a chance to see Isabel and Jacob, despite them no longer appearing on the show. Jacob Roloff currently works on the farm with his father and was even tagged in Matt’s recent update. Notably, Zach and Tori were not mentioned or tagged in the post.

Based on what was shown on the show, it’s evident that Tori and Zach are unlikely to return to Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season in any capacity. The couple made it clear that they did not wish to go through the experience again, even as guests, after the farm deal fell through. The previous encounter felt uncomfortable and forced, as expressed by Tori.

Additionally, Zach and Tori no longer live as close to Roloff Farms as they used to, which means they have other options closer to their home to enjoy Pumpkin Season without the awkward encounters with Matt and Caryn.

The couple acknowledged on the show that the situation would be hardest on their son, Jackson, who has been attending Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms for years. However, for their other children, Lilah and Josiah, not going wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Some fans have criticized Zach and Tori for keeping Jackson away from Matt and Caryn, while others believe there may be more to the story and that the couple is prioritizing their son’s safety and well-being.

Unfortunately, based on the family’s social media activity, it seems unlikely that Zach Roloff, his wife Tori, or their children will be present at Roloff Farms for Pumpkin Season 2023. However, fans can still expect to see Matt, Amy, Caryn, Chris, and potentially Jacob and Isabel during the event.

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