As the new season of OutDaughtered airs on TLC, fans are excited to see the Busby family back in action. However, some viewers have raised concerns about the upbringing of Blayke Busby, the oldest daughter of the family. With six younger siblings, fans question whether Blayke gets the opportunity to experience a normal childhood.

A recent Reddit post sparked a discussion on this topic, with one user expressing concern for Blayke’s situation. They mentioned that she has taken on a mother-figure role due to the demands of caring for her younger sisters, and questioned when she gets a chance to be a kid herself.

Responses to the post varied, with some agreeing that Blayke has assumed a significant responsibility within the family. They acknowledged that both Blayke and her father, Adam, have taken on parental roles, while her mother, Danielle, is often busy and constantly on the go. However, not everyone shared this viewpoint, with one user suggesting that watching a TV show might not provide enough insight to form such a harsh opinion on Blayke’s upbringing.

While this family structure is not uncommon in large families, there are fans who wish Blayke had more time to simply enjoy her childhood without significant responsibilities. Some even drew comparisons to the Gosselin family, known for their reality show Jon & Kate Plus 8, and expressed concerns about the potential negative impact on Blayke’s well-being.

It is important to note that these discussions and concerns from fans are based on their observations from the show, and the Busby family’s actual dynamics and parenting decisions may differ from what is portrayed on television. Fans hope that Adam and Danielle prioritize allowing Blayke the opportunity to explore her childhood and have carefree experiences, while also acknowledging the unique challenges that come with raising multiple children.

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