As the dynamics within the Brown family on TLC’s Sister Wives continue to shift, fans have been curious about the status of Coyote Pass, the property owned by the family. While Christine Brown is no longer involved with the show, viewers are wondering about the remaining family members and their ownership of Coyote Pass. Specifically, fans are questioning whether Kody and Robyn Brown now own the entire property or if Meri and Janelle still retain their shares despite the challenges in their relationships with Kody.

In the past, Sister Wives presented the concept of five different lots on Coyote Pass, with each wife and Kody having ownership of a specific lot. However, the actual breakdown of ownership is different. Robyn Brown technically owns 52 percent of the property, Janelle Brown owns 32 percent, and Meri Brown owns 15 percent. Kody’s name is attached to the entire property, giving him 100 percent ownership. This arrangement is due to the property being divided into different lots, with Kody’s name present on all of them, and one or two of the wives’ names on each lot. Therefore, no single family member has exclusive ownership of a specific portion of Coyote Pass.

As far as viewers know, this ownership breakdown has remained unchanged over the past year. However, in a recent episode of the series, Janelle Brown expressed feeling financially vulnerable as she does not have any assets or properties solely in her name. She mentioned that Christine was able to sell her home and move away with the profits because the property was in her name. Janelle, on the other hand, cannot easily sell her portion of Coyote Pass and retain the profits since she does not have sole ownership of any specific part.

Although Janelle owns approximately 32 percent of Coyote Pass, estimated to be worth around $170K, there is no straightforward way for her to sell her share and keep the profit, given the shared ownership structure. Furthermore, Janelle has always been passionate about living on the property, making it unlikely that she would want to part with her percentage of ownership.

As the Sister Wives saga continues, fans will have to wait and see if any changes occur regarding the ownership of Coyote Pass and how it may impact the family’s future living arrangements.

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