The highly anticipated fifth season of “The Family Chantel” is set to premiere in November, and fans are bracing themselves for an intense and dramatic conclusion to the series. One of the main storylines revolves around the impending divorce of Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett, who have been embroiled in a contentious battle.

After months of separation and numerous accusations, including Pedro accusing Chantel of stealing $275,000 from their joint account, the couple will finally come face to face in a lawyer’s office to finalize their divorce. Pedro firmly believes that Chantel’s family has always sought to bring him down, with his sister Nicole frequently causing conflicts. The animosity between the families has been a recurring theme throughout the series.

Adding to the already tense atmosphere is the involvement of Pedro’s mother, Lidia, and her new love interest, Scott Wern. Fans may recognize Scott from his appearance on “90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise,” where he traveled to meet Lidia, not anticipating the language barrier that would create discomfort. Nicole’s probing questions, delivered in English, further heightened the awkwardness during their interaction.

In a preview for Season 5 of “The Family Chantel,” tensions escalate as Pedro confronts Scott, expressing his dissatisfaction with the information he has heard about him. This confrontation quickly turns physical, highlighting the immense aggression between the two men. The exact cause of their altercation remains unclear, with speculation suggesting Scott may have ended his relationship with Lidia and pursued another romantic interest, only to seek reconciliation after causing hurt.

In addition to the explosive confrontation, the upcoming season also features a clash between the mothers of Pedro and Chantel. Both mothers are fiercely protective of their children and resort to extreme measures in their quest to safeguard their interests. Karen Everett hires a private investigator to gather information, while Pedro’s family sends a disturbing package to Chantel, further fueling the conflict. Determined to seek resolution, Chantel decides to confront Pedro’s family directly, hoping to put an end to the ongoing war between the families.

As the final chapter of “The Family Chantel” unfolds, viewers can expect riveting drama, emotional encounters, and the resolution of long-standing feuds. While the outcome remains uncertain, one thing is for sure: this season promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable ride for fans of the show.

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