The ongoing feud between Little People, Big World stars Matt and Zach Roloff shows no signs of ending anytime soon. Fans have witnessed Zach’s dedicated work on the Roloff family farm during pumpkin season for years, taking visitors on private tours of the property. However, Zach moved away from Oregon two years ago, purchasing a $1 million mansion in Washington to live with his wife, Tori, and their three children. Matt, on the other hand, has been eagerly showcasing the farm to LPBW viewers to invite them to the upcoming event, but it seems he recently disregarded his son Zach in a social media post, leaving fans wondering why.

Matt Roloff has been exuberantly preparing for the highly anticipated Pumpkin Festival, sharing glimpses of the event’s preparations with his followers. Meanwhile, Zach Roloff has been focused on his own family and hasn’t made any public statements about the Pumpkin Season or visited the family farm recently. Earlier, Matt had informed fans that they had decided to cancel the private tours this year, disappointing those who were looking forward to seeing Zach and his family.

However, to bring some excitement to the LPBW audience, Matt introduced wagon tours as an alternative option. In a recent Instagram post, the patriarch shared a sneak peek of the ongoing preparations and urged his followers to attend the festival. He stated, “It doesn’t matter if you are 2 years old, 3, 4, 5, or 17 years old, or a mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa,” implying that everyone would create special memories at the event. Matt Roloff also tagged his son Jacob and ex-wife Amy Roloff in the post.

LPBW fans quickly noticed that Zach and Tori were left out of the post, sparking speculation and disappointment among some viewers. Nevertheless, many others expressed their excitement for the upcoming event in the comment section, eagerly anticipating their own opportunity to attend.

As the tension between Matt and Zach continues to simmer, fans can only speculate about the dynamics at play within the Roloff family. With the Pumpkin Festival fast approaching, it remains to be seen whether there will be any resolution or reconciliation between father and son in the near future.

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