In the latest season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL), Glenn Thore, father of Whitney Thore, has undergone a significant transformation. Initially portrayed as a somber and reserved figure, Glenn has rediscovered his zest for life, thanks to the efforts of Whitney and her friend Hunter. In Season 10, viewers witness Glenn embracing new experiences as his daughter helps him tick off items from his bucket list.

Fans were taken aback by the emergence of Glenn’s sarcastic and witty personality. While always supportive and protective of Whitney, the father of two now appears to be taking charge in a whole new way.

The most recent episode featured Glenn’s decision to confront Lennie, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend, about their past romantic involvement. The unexpected move left viewers wondering why Glenn was dredging up the past and grilling Whitney’s former partner.

Whitney and Lennie were once in a close romantic relationship but eventually went their separate ways. Despite the breakup, they remained friends and even became coworkers. As Lennie grew closer to Glenn, a bond developed between them. This prompted Glenn to initiate an awkward conversation with Lennie, as shown in the Season 10 preview.

Glenn revealed that he had learned about Lennie and Whitney rooming together during their time in St. Lucia. With a chuckle, Glenn jokingly suggested they were trying to save money. Lennie, however, clarified that their shared accommodation was solely for a business trip.

Glenn seemed to possess more knowledge than Lennie anticipated. He continued by mentioning that he had heard rumors of a kiss between the two. Lennie responded to Glenn’s probing with sarcasm, asking if he wanted a detailed account of their entire history.

Glenn then speculated if their relationship had taken a different turn. However, Lennie disappointed him by revealing that he had already been involved with someone else. Lennie excused himself from the conversation, citing work obligations.

This unexpected confrontation between Glenn and Lennie showcases Glenn’s newfound assertiveness and willingness to address uncomfortable topics. As the season progresses, viewers eagerly anticipate how this dynamic will unfold and what other surprises are in store for the Thore family.

In Season 10 of MBFFL, Glenn Thore’s transformation adds an intriguing layer to the show, as he steps into a more proactive role, unafraid to address the complexities of his daughter’s past relationships.

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