Audrey Roloff, known for her role on Little People Big World, continues to make headlines even after her departure from the show in 2018. Recently, she has been sharing updates about her new career move, specifically teasing the revival of her podcast on Instagram.

Audrey took to her Instagram earlier this month to inform her followers about her latest venture. In a post featuring a heartwarming picture of herself, husband Jeremy, and their three children, Ember, Bode, and Radley, Audrey announced the upcoming launch of their podcast, titled ‘These Are the Days.’ The podcast is set to debut on October 4.

Expressing her excitement in the caption, Audrey revealed that she and Jeremy had missed their podcast during its unexpectedly long hiatus and are thrilled to be back. She also mentioned that fans of Little People Big World might occasionally hear their children interrupting them, as they recorded the podcast from the bedroom in her parents’ house.

Furthermore, Audrey shared that the podcast will focus on the topics of “home, health, and holiness,” which they have been prioritizing in their lives over the past couple of years. They plan to delve into these subjects in detail during the upcoming episodes.

Fans of Audrey and Jeremy will be able to reconnect with them through their podcast, gaining insights into their lives and their perspectives on important topics. With the launch date approaching, listeners can look forward to engaging discussions and the Roloff family’s unique insights.

Audrey’s dedication to keeping her followers informed and involved in her life continues to make her a notable figure even after her departure from Little People Big World.

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