In Season 18 of Sister Wives, Janelle Brown’s separation from Kody Brown was revealed, but she appeared uncertain about making a permanent decision to leave him. However, fans suspect that she may have recently confirmed her final choice through a possible spoiler on social media.

When the trailer and previews for the 18th season were released, fans were excited. Janelle was seen using strong language with Kody, expressing her desire for him to stay away. This empowered many viewers, as it seemed like she, like Christine Brown, had made up her mind to leave Kody for good. However, she also mentioned not wanting to get a divorce through the Temple, indicating her conflicted feelings.

Another scene showed Kody ignoring Janelle’s kids during Christmas, not even calling his daughter Savanah. After Janelle confronted him, they had a major fight. This led fans to be shocked when Janelle told Kody that she didn’t hate him and considered marriage counseling. Hope for a permanent split seemed to fade, until a recent social media post by Janelle sparked speculation.

Janelle took to her main profile page on Instagram and posted a video where she held up a mug with the words “Rescue Your Own Damn Self” printed on it. She started talking about other women who left their partners, implying that she might do the same. The video suggested that it is now acceptable to leave a disappointing partner and she expressed gratitude for that.

In the video, Janelle also mentioned that they don’t have to find a living situation for themselves, but rather, they can create it. This seemed to indicate that she has moved on from Kody and believes that leaving a marriage can empower women to live life on their own terms. She expressed excitement about “big projects” that she can achieve.

Janelle further mentioned that it’s okay to find another partner, possibly referring to Christine Brown’s situation. However, she emphasized that she would rather hold space for what she wants to do with her life. She also highlighted the support she receives from her children. Based on her words, it appears that she may have finally decided to permanently walk away from Kody.

While Janelle’s social media post suggests a definitive decision, fans will have to wait for further confirmation or revelations in upcoming episodes of Sister Wives to know for sure.

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