After the announcement of Liz Johnston’s pregnancy, fans of 7 Little Johnstons have been eagerly awaiting details about the baby’s gender and name. While Liz and Brice Bolden, her boyfriend, did not disclose this information in their initial announcement, some fans may have discovered potential details through their sleuthing.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of an Amazon baby registry that appears to be associated with Liz Johnston. In the registry’s description, Liz wrote, “Thank you for the love and support you’re giving to our little Leighton!!!” The inclusion of the name “Leighton” strongly suggests that the baby is a girl. Furthermore, Liz added a package of pink baby bottle labels, which reinforces the notion of a baby girl. While most of the items on the registry are gender-neutral, a couple of pink items further hint at the baby’s gender.

Although it is not confirmed with absolute certainty that the registry belongs to Liz Johnston, several details, including the expected delivery month, city and state, align with her announcement. Since the due date is just under two months away, fans can anticipate learning the baby’s gender and name very soon. It is also possible that the 7 Little Johnstons will share these details with their fans ahead of time, so keeping an eye on their social media pages would be wise.

Congratulations to Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden on their upcoming bundle of joy!

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