Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa tackle his history of cheating in a therapy session in PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at the newest episode of ’90 Day: The Last Resort’

After 90 Day: The Last Resort’s Asuelu Pulaa treated his wife Kalani Faagata to a lap dance in last week’s episode, there seemed potential for the couple to find their way back to each other despite Asuelu’s history of cheating. But an emotional therapy session on Monday’s episode reveals they still have much more work to do.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at the next installment of The Last Resort, the married couple unpack Asuelu’s serial infidelity, which Kalani kept from her family.

“By the time I had figured things out, I was pregnant, and I was already bringing him to America,” explains Kalani, 35. “So I just felt like I needed to suck it up and just hide it. I wanted him to get along with my dad, and with my family members, so I just kept it hidden, basically to protect him.”

During a confessional moment, a somber-looking Asuelu, 28, weighs in.

“I feel really sick to talk about what I did,” Asuelu admits. “I just like feel like an a–hole. I feel like I don’t deserve to be here, hurting my wife and hurting my family.”

Back in therapy, Kalani continues to explain the extent of her husband’s cheating ways.

“It was like girl after girl after girl, and I was just crushed,” she says. “Once he got to America, it really didn’t happen. And then within like a year ago, then he started online cheating.”

“He didn’t physically cheat on me, but he’d reach out to different girls online,” Kalani adds. “Then he would buy their naked pictures online, and then that led all the way up until … where he did the tongue thing and the b—job things. So collectively, he’s cheated like 10, 12 times.”

In that vulnerable moment, Kalani looks to Asuelu sitting quietly beside her.

“Hearing myself say that, I’m just disgusted with myself,” she says, before breaking down in tears and looking away.

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