Ethan Plath’s literacy has come into question among fans of Welcome to Plathville, leading to discussions about his education and knowledge. As part of the Plath family, Ethan and his siblings were homeschooled by their mother, Kim Plath. The quality of their education and their sheltered upbringing have been subjects of scrutiny among viewers. In the first season of the show, fans witnessed the children struggling to recognize popular culture icons, indicating gaps in their knowledge.

In a recent episode, Ethan and his wife Olivia went out to dinner to celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary. During their conversation, Ethan made a joke about needing pictures on a menu in the past to help him order. He also mentioned taking a long time to decide what to order because he wasn’t familiar with menus. This sparked a discussion among fans on Reddit about Ethan’s literacy and whether he might have difficulty reading.

One fan questioned whether Ethan’s inability to read menus could be the underlying reason for the criticism he receives about his upbringing and education. However, another fan suggested that it might just be a humorous quirk of Ethan’s personality.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, fans shared their thoughts on the matter. Some believed that Ethan can read but found the experience of choosing from a menu overwhelming due to their limited exposure to restaurants in their childhood. Others speculated that while the Plath children can read to some extent, their literacy skills might not be as developed as those of their peers, considering their sheltered lifestyle and emphasis on religious education.

It’s important to note that these discussions are based on observations from the show and fan opinions. Ethan Plath’s actual literacy level and educational background have not been explicitly addressed on Welcome to Plathville.

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