Logan Brown, the firstborn of the Brown family from Sister Wives, has chosen to keep a low profile despite the family’s television fame. However, he remains in touch with his family and has participated in various family events, including the wedding of his siblings Gwendlyn and Beatriz Queiroz in July. Fans are curious about Logan’s personal life, including his plans to start a family after being married for almost a year.

Logan and his wife Michelle Petty got married on October 22, 2022. As their first wedding anniversary approaches, they have been discreet about their plans for the occasion. The couple is known to celebrate with the Brown family in Utah, and Logan’s mother, Janelle, has been in touch with him. On Logan’s birthday in May, Janelle shared a heartfelt message expressing her pride and love for her firstborn. Logan and Michelle currently reside in their own home in Las Vegas, which they built in 2022. The property features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and a modern interior design.

Fans of Sister Wives have been curious about Logan and Michelle’s plans for having children since their marriage. In July, the couple caught attention when they were spotted carrying the Mykelti twins, raising questions about their own plans for starting a family. However, Janelle defended the couple, explaining that they wanted to enjoy their lives at the moment and wished to be the “funnest Aunt and Uncle ever.”

In terms of his career, Logan studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 2017. He continued his education at the same university and earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 2020. He has held various positions, including Rebel Recruiter at the University of Nevada in 2012, personal assistant at UNLV in 2016, and business analyst in 2019. Currently, Logan works as a community development manager for a startup company in Nevada.

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