Moriah Plath, known for her appearance on TLC’s Welcome to Plathville, recently released a new single titled “Growing Pains.” However, fans have been struggling to find the song despite it being available on major streaming platforms.

Moriah shared a captivating photo of herself to promote the new single and mentioned that it could be found on “every streaming platform.” While this statement is true, fans have had difficulty locating the song. It turns out that the song is listed under the name “Moriah Jasper” instead of “Moriah Plath” on some platforms. Currently, the easiest way for fans to listen to the song without signing up for an account is through YouTube. Moriah’s Instagram bio also mentions that the song is available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Fans have expressed frustration with the confusing listing of the song under a different name, as many of them have given up searching for it after looking for “Moriah Plath” and not finding it.

The reaction from Welcome to Plathville fans to Moriah’s new song has been mixed. Some fans criticized the timing of the release, suggesting it was suspicious given that another cast member, Lydia, was also preparing to release music. However, the production studio responded to these comments, explaining that the distribution process was backed up and it was not Moriah’s fault. They emphasized that Moriah had dedicated six months of hard work to the song.

On the other hand, some fans expressed criticism of the song itself. They described it as “cringey” and felt that Moriah hadn’t put much effort into it. Comments mentioned that the production seemed underwhelming, with an instrumental that overpowered Moriah’s vocals. Some fans felt that the song sounded cheap and lacked musical depth.

It’s worth noting that Moriah has received a significant amount of negative feedback, with some fans expressing surprise that she hasn’t disabled comments due to the intense criticism.

Overall, Moriah Plath’s new single “Growing Pains” has faced challenges in terms of discoverability and has received mixed reactions from fans, with both supportive and critical comments.

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