Fans of the reality show 7 Little Johnstons were initially thrilled when Liz Johnston, a cast member, announced her pregnancy with Brice Bolden, but recent news has brought sadness to the family. What could be causing this heartbreak? Is it related to the baby? Read on to uncover the details.

Despite some initial doubts from fans, who were aware of Trent and Amber Johnston’s strict views on unmarried couples sharing a bed, the family appeared to put on a happy front. Amber took to social media to express her excitement, stating, “I’m all ‘excited 🥰’ that I will become a Lolli in a few short weeks.”

Trent also shared his joy about Liz Johnston’s pregnancy, exclaiming, “I’m going to be a Boppa! We are so happy and super excited for the first grandbaby.” However, shortly after these happy announcements, devastating news emerged, leaving TLC fans outraged. If you’re concerned that the sad news relates to the baby, rest assured that the upcoming November arrival is not the cause of the sadness.

A Reddit user, u/Personal-Kitchen6846, shared a post that caught fans’ attention. The caption read, “I was scrolling her Facebook after they announced the pregnancy and saw this 😢.” The tears mentioned in the caption were not about the baby but instead revealed that Liz Johnston’s beloved dog had passed away. Interestingly, many people expressed anger regarding this news.

Liz Johnston originally shared her pregnancy news with a photo and text at the end of August. So, the sad news did not follow the good news. In early September, nobody suspected that the 7 Little Johnstons star was hiding a pregnancy secret. However, it appears that not many TLC fans noticed the mention of Miller, the dog’s death. The tone of the post suggests that the pup died in a tragic accident.

TLC fans had strong reactions to Elizabeth’s news. In her post, Liz Johnston wrote, “We lost our Miller Man, Mill-Dawg, Big Boy, Mill, Mill Mill, Crazy Boy to a horrific incident this past weekend.” She also mentioned that he would “never be forgotten” and listed a series of nicknames for her late dog. However, some fans pointed out that the dates of Miller’s life seemed incorrect, as the post indicated he lived for only three months, despite being featured on social media for a longer period.

Many fans expressed disappointment in the family’s ability to care for pets. One commenter said, “Georgia was gone fast, and so was this poor boy. They should not have pets. Anna is the only one who seems capable of caring for a pet.” Another frustrated fan wrote, “Can this entire family (except Anna) be blacklisted from ever owning animals?! Hopefully, Liz takes better care of her child. F–k, this pisses me off.”

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