The ’90 Day Fiancé’ spinoff’s season 6 closer even included a (sort of) proposal when Christian asked Cleo if she’d consider marriage — as long as he could pop the question for real in person

In the 90 Day universe, nothing is set in stone, not even the relationship statuses of the couples as the sixth season of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days” drew to a close.

Host Shaun Robinson guided the couples, including some who had already parted ways, through their final opportunity to address and grapple with their recent regrets. Building upon the events of the previous episode, this latest installment of “90 Day” wasted no time delving into the contentious pregnancy situation that Violet disclosed to her now-former partner, Riley, shortly after his return from Vietnam.

Continuing with the episode, viewers witnessed Tyray finally confronting an exasperating phone conversation with his online persona’s catfish, Christian, while another individual named Christian within the “90 Day” cast raised significant concerns with his girlfriend, Cleo.

As the season concluded, the couples’ situations remained in flux, with some leaving the door open for potential future reunions despite their decision to part ways with the show as singles.

Riley and Violet

The spotlight first focused on Riley and Violet as he asked for confirmation whether she was currently pregnant with Riley’s child? The answer was no — but it hadn’t always been.

“It is sensitive for me because I am old and my health is not good,” Violet said I could not keep my pregnancy. I really love my children so that experience was very painful for me.”

The Vietnamese mother of two cried as she explained she suffered a miscarriage, which was news to Riley. “It’s because of my health, and not that I purposely got rid of the child,” she said.

Women in the 90 Day cast, and even Riley’s friend who had long been skeptical of Violet’s intentions, teared up at the admission as they offered Violet support. Riley acknowledged none of the situation felt particularly real to him, mainly because he was back home in America when Violet learned of her pregnancy. “I hate that I feel this way, but I’m kinda like, Until I understand, I can’t really emotionally attach to it,” he said.

Violet and Riley reiterated they were not back together — though she planned to travel to the U.S. soon to use her tourist visa. Riley was keen on “breaking bread” with his ex when she arrived. “I think in future, we can meet together and we are friend[s] now,” Violet explained.

Riley felt the same. When asked if he’s looking to rekindle romance with his ex, Riley wasn’t sure. Though he responded “not necessarily,” he added, “but if it’s God’s will, then it will be.”

Backstage after their segment, Riley told his 90 Day costars he had a ring and had been willing to ask Violet to marry him if things had gone differently in Vietnam. “My biggest fear is coulda, woulda, shoulda, if,” he said. But in the end, what he needed was “better communication and honesty.”

Amanda and Razvan

Another couple bit the dust as the 90 Day tell-all carried on. Razvan confirmed he walked away from Amanda just two or three weeks after she left Romania. “When I got back, Razvan was very focused on his career and himself. He was telling me ‘This is all that I can give you,’” Amanda said.

Razvan reiterated the point. “I’m not ready, how you said, to commit 100 percent,” he said.

This came as no surprise to Amanda’s sister, who didn’t expect the relationship to last after she saw how much they argued in the “honeymoon” phase of their romance.

But it was Amanda’s sister that spilled a huge secret even Razvan didn’t know about Amanda’s online relationships — including one in which friendship became something more.

When Amanda called Razvan “a little controlling” for monitoring who she was joining in livestreams, her sister chimed in: “It was romantic for a second, and then it wasn’t.”

Amanda didn’t admit she’d had an online relationship with another man. “I don’t think it was ever romantic. I think we were just friends,” she said. “It was more, just flirtatious.”

All of it was a shock to Razvan, who thought the man was just a confidant. There was one more secret Amanda had been keeping from Razvan, even while filming the tell-all. At the very end of the episode Amanda said she’s been talking to someone else. “Razvan doesn’t know, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so I didn’t mention that,” she said. “We’ll see what the future holds, but right now I’m just happy.”

Razvan was planning to use his U.S. tourist visa later this year. Amanda was up for seeing each other in person, but she declined his request to stay at her home.

Gino and Jasmine

Jasmine was finally in America, but hadn’t been an easy transition. The Panama native cried about missing her loved ones during the episode. “It’s harder than I thought to be far away from my family. I really miss them so much,” she said. “This is one of the hardest things I have ever done because it’s the first time I moved outside my country and I never thought I was gonna do it. I love Gino. He’s the only person I would do this for.”

Gino and Jasmine addressed their past arguments about a potential prenup, which Jasmine previously shot down. She, instead, wanted him to make a will in which everything was left to her. “Well, first of all when I hear about will, she wants to do a will, that scares me,” Gino said. “What, am I gonna be murdered? We have not even gotten married yet. That scares me.”

Some of the other cast members agreed with Jasmine’s wish to be financially supported in America, should she ever find herself alone in a foreign country. Others took Gino’s side.

One more conversation wrapped up the couple’s segment: Jasmine had undergone a vaginal rejuvenation surgery — but it only complicated their sex life. Intense pain was the first “regret” Jasmine had, but the bigger regret was how it impacted their inability to be intimate.

“It didn’t go as planned. Her pupuanana was just too tight,” Gino said. It was virgin Nicola who offered up some advice, saying they should go to Jesus with this concern. “I’m gonna pray God that we have more sex,” Jasmine said.

David and Sheila 

David and Sheila were still madly in love, though they were stuck across the world from each other. An unseen segment of the series showed one major holdup in the pair’s future. David and Sheila planned to wed this November in the Philippines, and David would bring Sheila and her son Jhonreil to America shortly after. However, and immigration attorney told David that tying the knot abroad would nearly double the time for his soon-to-be-wife to be approved for an American visa.
“I can wait. I’m not rushing for it, as long as our relationship is still strong,” Sheila said.

The K-1, or fiancé visa, would take about two years and be the quickest way to get Sheila to the U.S. The couple reluctantly agreed to hit the brakes on marriage and had already submitted all of the paperwork as of the taping of the tell-all.

In the meantime, David helped fund a new home for Sheila’s family after the tragic, unexpected death of her mother in their old home. “I’m so very happy that we have a new house now, new roof, looks clean, not like before. I have to thankful [sic] with him because he’s a very supportive

Christian and Cleo 

Christian and Cleo haven’t always on the same page with their introvert/extrovert saga, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t keep moving forward. The whole group addressed Christian’s flirtatious behavior — with some members of the cast saying the American man doesn’t deserve Cleo with his chatty demeanor in bars.

Christian continued to deny he was hitting on other women, saying, “I just don’t see it.” Cleo’s friend Jane still had some major concerns. “It’s a tough one. I do speak with Cleo and she’s sharing when things are good and when things are bad. As a friend, I’m obviously sometimes concerned. Christian is just a little bit too selfish, and he has hard times actually hearing Cleo,” she said.

But steps had been taken for a real, solid future: Cleo spent three weeks in America meeting all of the women in Christian’s family. The “conservative” men were kept away because Cleo is transgender. But the women were warm and welcoming. “It went amazing. They really made me feel … part of the family,” Cleo said. “We just had a great time and I was really moved.”

Christian was overjoyed by his time with Cleo and hoped for an even better future with her. In fact, he asked her, “There is a question that I haven’t really asked Cleo — would you be willing to marry me?”

Then he clarified — this wasn’t a proposal. It was simply a pre-proposal conversation to check if they were on the same page. “You’re the sun to my moon. I accept all of your weirdness and quirks. And I love you, like you know I do,” Cleo said, before making it clear she expects a grand proposal eventually. “I think there should be a better place for that, though.”


Up last, Tyray finally got to hear the voice of Christian the catfish, a man he’d never met but with whom he had been emotionally — and financially — entangled because Christian had been pretending to be a woman named Carmella for four years.

“It was only for money, for me,” said Christian, later calling Tyray a “dumb American.”

Eventually, the cast called Christian to see if Tyray could confront him once and for all. There was no answer, but they left a collective voicemail. “We’re gonna get you, motherf—er,” Riley yelled, prompting laughter from all.

When asked if Tyray had anything to say to viewers who pitied how he “ignored red flags”, Tyray said, “They were right. I ignored every single red flag. They were right there in my eyes, but I just ignored them.”

There could be hope in Tyray’s love life. Though he’s not looking to date right now, Riley’s sister was waiting for the reality star to “holler at me” — and Riley passed that message right along.

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