The relationship between 90 Day Fiancé stars Chantel and Pedro has gone through significant ups and downs over the course of six years. During their last appearance, they announced their decision to part ways, as they often clashed with each other.

Recently, TLC released a first look of The Family Chantel Season 5, which left fans shocked. The trailer revealed that Chantel’s family was making attempts to have Pedro deported back to the Dominican Republic.

Fans have always been skeptical about Pedro’s intentions, suspecting that he was using Chantel to gain entry into the United States. These rumors gained traction when Pedro announced his split from Chantel and expressed his intention to file for divorce.

In the trailer, Chantel’s mother, Karen, admitted to being devastated after witnessing her daughter’s suffering because of Pedro. Karen stated that she had reached her limit and needed to protect her daughter by any means necessary. She decided to meet with a private investigator because of how deeply Pedro had hurt Chantel.

Karen expressed her desire to teach Pedro a lesson and ensure that he doesn’t walk away without facing consequences. She revealed that they had been actively pursuing Pedro for over a year, trying their best to have him deported back to the Dominican Republic.

It is clear that Chantel’s family is determined to hold Pedro accountable for his actions, and they want to make him pay for it in the upcoming season of The Family Chantel.

Fans will have to tune in to watch the new season and see how the dramatic dynamics unfold between Chantel’s family and Pedro as they navigate their divorce and the potential consequences he may face.

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