“Violet Tuyet, a featured personality on ’90 Day Fiancé,’ has opened up about experiencing a miscarriage while she was pregnant with her then-boyfriend Riley Diego Attaway’s child.

During the second part of the ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ season 6 tell-all, which aired on Sunday, October 1, 43-year-old Violet candidly shared the truth about her pregnancy. Riley, who is 48, had previously doubted her claims of carrying his child.

“I am of advanced age, and my health isn’t in the best condition. I couldn’t sustain the pregnancy,” Violet revealed, her emotions evident as she discussed the painful and heart-wrenching experience of losing the baby.

Violet took a moment to clarify that the child she was carrying was indeed Riley’s, addressing his lingering concerns about the baby’s paternity. Riley had expressed doubts and admitted that Violet hadn’t explicitly informed him about the miscarriage.

Their journey unfolded on the September 17 episode of ‘Before the 90 Days’ season 6, where Violet, during Riley’s visit to Vietnam, revealed her pregnancy. Riley, already grappling with trust issues due to Violet’s prior dishonesty about her divorce and her continued presence on a dating app, found it difficult to believe her claims of pregnancy and the baby’s paternity. He also questioned her assertions because he was taking medication that affected his sperm count.

“Miracles do happen, and life has its way of unfolding,” Riley remarked during the episode. “So, I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant, or perhaps she is, and it’s not my child… But I don’t want to be mistaken and be a terrible person.”

Even during part one of the tell-all on September 24, Riley continued to voice his doubts, despite Violet confirming that she had taken a pregnancy test in his presence.

“The dates are not making sense,” he said while telling Violet to “own your bulls–t.”

While discussing the future of their relationship during the tell-all, Riley and Violet, who had confirmed in part one that they were no longer a couple, revealed some interesting details. Riley mentioned that Violet would be visiting the U.S. on a tourist visa, and at that point, they were only friends. He didn’t necessarily plan to rekindle their romance but left room for the possibility, saying he would if it was “God’s will.” Riley even disclosed that he had purchased an engagement ring and would have proposed to Violet if circumstances had allowed during his visit to her country.

However, it appears that things took a different turn for Riley and Violet later on. In August, he took to social media to share a series of alleged text messages between them. The exchange was confrontational, with Riley accusing Violet of causing stress for his father and manipulating people into perceiving him as “controlling” and “insecure.”

“So Violet, I say this with complete conviction, I have no interest in being with you. I don’t care if you dislike how you’re portrayed in a single episode after I’ve been depicted as a psychopath for 11 of them,” Riley wrote. “I genuinely hope you understand that once I am able, I will expose every lie, every desperate text you sent my family, and every piece of evidence that will demonstrate that you are the true narcissist, selfish, impolite, and untrustworthy person that this show has ever seen.”

In response, Violet seemed to address Riley, expressing concern for his well-being and suggesting he needed help. However, she also accused him of being dishonest. Following this exchange, she deactivated her Instagram account.

Riley shared his reflections on his relationship with Violet in an exclusive interview with In Touch in September. He talked about the challenges they faced in communication, where he felt his opinions were often overshadowed by hers.

“I had to conform to her expectations of a partner, her way of thinking,” he explained to In Touch. “I would try to convey my feelings, but she would often talk over me to express hers. Her feelings took precedence.”

Despite their difficulties, Riley noted that they shared moments of humor and enjoyed their time together. He emphasized that Violet wasn’t a terrible person but had a challenging attitude.

“She wasn’t a terrible person. She just had a challenging attitude,” the TLC star mentioned. “But over time, I started to feel like it was her way or no way at all. I never felt like I had a say.”

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