Tyra Boisseau, known for her appearance on the reality show Unexpected, has finally revealed her son’s face for the first time since giving birth earlier this summer. The mother of two had been teasing photos of her son since his birth, but now she has made the grand reveal, and he is absolutely stunning. Read on for more details and to see the first photo.

When Tyra Boisseau announced her second pregnancy, fans were curious about the identity of the father. Tyra had a troubled history with her first baby daddy, Alex Wilson, and had decided to end their relationship after Season 5. However, they were spotted together before she revealed her pregnancy. Her sister and former co-star, Tiarra Boisseau, defended Tyra regarding the paternity of the child. Ultimately, it was confirmed to be Alex’s baby, but Tyra made it clear that they were no longer together, as he had left her for Hanna Cole, another woman with whom he had a child.

During the summer, Tyra gave birth to her son, Junior. However, in order for fans to see his face, they had to be subscribers. Some fans found it difficult to understand why they had to pay to see Tyra’s child. However, considering she had recently experienced a house fire, it seemed like she was doing what she needed to do to make money. Tyra provided glimpses of Junior, and recently announced that she would be showcasing him on a specific app. Now, his full face has finally been revealed through Tyra’s Instagram stories.

Fans also shared the photo on Reddit and immediately began commenting on Junior’s adorable face. One person noted, “He’s cute, looks nothing like Layla though. Could he not be Alex’s?” This sparked a discussion about how Junior might be the child who resembles Tyra the most. Some fans shared their own experiences of having children who looked nothing alike. Another commenter expressed doubt about Alex being the father, suggesting that’s why he had been absent. However, this notion was quickly disputed.

While fans found Junior incredibly cute, some Redditors raised questions about the high fees charged to see his photos. One person wrote, “Is this the $200 picture?” Although Tyra had hosted an app event, the cost of accessing the photo was solely her decision. People couldn’t resist commenting on Junior’s adorable cheeks, expressing their desire to squeeze them. Overall, the consensus was that Junior strongly resembled Tyra. Congratulations to Tyra on her beautiful little angel.

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