Sister Wives fans have been witnessing the growth of the Brown family’s grandchildren in recent years. However, concerns have arisen about how these children will maintain a connection with their grandparents, particularly considering the challenges Kody is currently facing in keeping his wives united. Despite this, some of the married Browns have been keeping fans informed about their own children. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to lately.

Maddie Brush Brown has been providing updates to Sister Wives fans regarding her kids. Axel, the first grandchild of Kody and Janelle, was born in 2017 and is currently 6 years old. He faced challenges with apraxia and underwent speech and occupational therapy. In September 2022, Maddie, the 27-year-old mother, shared that Axel had started his homeschooling year.

The second child, Evie, has also captured the hearts of many fans. Two months after her birth, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic limb malformation called FATCO syndrome. Maddie has been using her Instagram platform to raise awareness about her daughter’s condition. Nevertheless, the 3-year-old girl hasn’t let her condition hinder her from living a joyful life. She even joins her older brother in homeschooling.

Maddie and Caleb welcomed their youngest child, Josephine, in February 2023. Since then, Maddie has been keeping fans updated about her youngest daughter. It’s unclear if Kody has had the opportunity to meet his newest granddaughter, but Janelle always makes sure to spend time with the kids.

Kody has three grandchildren with Mykelti. Avalon, a 2-year-old daughter, is described by her mom as curious and sassy. She loves trying on different clothes and enjoys spending time with her aunt and uncles. Despite her young age, Avalon impresses many with her bravery and strength. Mykelti also shared that Avalon has taken on a big sister role to her twin brothers.

Mykelti also provides updates about the twins, Archer and Ace, who have blonde and red hair. Fans have been surprised by how much the brothers have grown. Recently, Mykelti shared an adorable video showing the twins attempting to walk on their own.

As of now, there are no new pregnancies in the Brown family. Janelle revealed in July that Logan and Michelle wanted to enjoy being the “funnest” aunt and uncle before starting their own family. Aspyn has also expressed her willingness to wait until the age of 35 before having children with Mitch. Some of the Brown children are still single, while others are in the early stages of romantic relationships.

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