Fans of 7 Little Johnstons are buzzing about Liz Johnston’s spectacular baby shower. Numerous photos from the event have been posted online, giving fans a glimpse of the joyous occasion as they eagerly await the arrival of Liz’s baby. Let’s take a look at the fabulous pictures from this special day.

Liz Johnston and her boyfriend, Brice Bolden, previously announced that they are expecting a baby, with the due date set for November. In preparation for the arrival of their first child, the family came together to celebrate with a baby shower, where they received all the essential items they’ll need.

After Liz shared the news of her pregnancy, her family members took to their own Instagram accounts to congratulate her and express their excitement. Many of them shared photos from the baby shower, which featured a delightful “baby in bloom” theme. The decorations included an abundance of flowers, succulents, and other plants, with touches of pink and green.

The catering company that handled the event also tagged Liz in a series of photos on Instagram, showcasing the beautiful setup. You can see the stunning pictures below.

On Reddit, fans have been discussing the photos from the baby shower. The general consensus is that it was a lovely gathering, with many praising the sweet theme and intricate decorations. One fan jokingly expressed their envy, saying, “I’m low key jealous of her baby shower 😂 it was beautiful.”

Another fan agreed, highlighting the attention to detail in the decorations and exclaiming, “Okay but this baby shower is actually so gorgeous, the attention to detail in all the decorations? I love it!”

In the same Reddit thread, fans speculate that TLC, the network behind 7 Little Johnstons, may have covered the expenses for the elaborate celebration. One commenter mentioned the catered food, decorations, and floral arrangements, suggesting that it was a lovely event sponsored by TLC because Amber, Liz’s mother, wouldn’t have gone to such lengths if left to her own devices.

Another fan concurred, stating, “That’s definitely going to be on the show. That is way too much work just for a baby shower unless it’s being televised.”

As of now, Liz Johnston and Brice Bolden have not publicly shared the gender or name of their baby. However, based on the shower theme, colors, and a revealing item on the baby registry, fans are speculating that it’s a girl. But the Johnstons have yet to confirm this detail.

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