Some fans of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” are expressing their disgust with how Whitney Way Thore is treating her father, Glenn, on camera following the death of her mother, Babs. Whitney’s father has taken a more prominent role in the show since Babs’ passing, but viewers are not pleased with the dynamics they are witnessing.

In an interview with People, Whitney mentioned that her mother was always the star of the show and that her father now has big shoes to fill. She described him as having a new “brand of funny” and even referred to him as “GT,” rebranding him as an entirely new man.

Whitney has also made changes in her personal life, particularly in how she deals with online haters. Instead of blocking and deleting them, she has decided to respond and stand up for herself, which she finds empowering and fun.

However, fans of the show have taken to Reddit to discuss their concerns about Whitney’s behavior towards her father, especially in relation to her being put up for adoption. One Reddit user expressed discomfort with what they perceived as aggressive remarks from Whitney towards her father and suggested that the production company may be exploiting the situation. Others commented that it feels inappropriate, particularly in light of Babs’ recent death, and that it seems like a macabre celebration or an airing of something Babs wouldn’t have wanted.

Some viewers believe that if Babs were still alive, the Thores would not be meeting the other family, and they perceive the situation as exploitative. There is a consensus among fans that the situation is cringe-worthy at best and potentially exploitative at worst.

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